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Community Around NVCC

Counselling system (actually this is a very urgent need in society, people are lonely and depressed and need a listener. Hare Krishna TV run a service like this) If one wants to acquire the mercy of the Lord, he has to associate with pure devotees. Such association alone can, by degrees, release one from the quivering elements.

In these times when everyone and everything is connected yet people are becoming increasingly isolated and lonely. Loneliness is reported to increase depression and mental health problems. To counter this increasing menace and to provide a wholesome , healthy environment for devotees, NVCC has a rich legacy of congregation around the temple. Devotees are usually part of a group who are guided by a senior devotee with considerable experience in life. Such senior devotees are referred to as Counsellors. The Counselee system is one of the greatest assets of devotees.  Counsellors usually provide valuable insights into life and situations thus enabling devotees to take informed decisions. Counsellors also lend a patient ear to the inevitable problems of life that devotees might have to face. This gives immense mental strength to the devotees who are then able to balance their material and spiritual lives and dedicate themselves to the service of Krishna. Counsellors also guide devotees with respect to various services in the temple like participation in festivals, community volunteering and so on. The motto is to provide an environment conducive to devotion and a safe place for emotional wellbeing of devotees.

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