The religious principle for the age of Kali is the congregational chanting
of the holy names of the Lord. Sri Sachinandana incarnates to establish this
CB Adi 2.22Today, 26th April, we had weekly Harinaam sankirtan in Katraj- Gokul Nagar
area. It was very inspiring to see how citizens were responding to
enthusiastic participation of all bramhachari and congregation devotees.
More than 25 bramhachari and few Grihasta devotees along with their children
participated in this. It was well coordinated under the HG Anant Gopa pr and
team. Kirtan was led by HG Mantrarupa pr, HG Yugal Shyam pr, and HG Sudar
Shyam pr and accompanied by HG Tarak Krishna pr, HG Akshay Lila Pr,
Manjunath pr.

In the sankirtan there was also announcement by HG Girivardhari pr
and team about importance of chanting of Holy name and Sankirtan, with
wonderful examples, analogy and temple address and other activities. Same
time there was distribution of prasadam and Srila Prabhupada’s books and
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Please contact 9552790595/ 9552522421 for organizing this in your area or to
support this event in different area.

Your Servant,
Dayasindhu Das.
Sankirtan Team.

“There is no limit to the wonderful things people can do working together,
if it doesn’t matter who gets the Credit.”

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