The uproarious street harinaamsankirtan was held by all kitchen cooks of both NVCC & Camp temple on January 23, 2014. HG KurunandanPr informed all the cooks of both temples that we’ve to perform wonderful HarinaamSankirtan in nearby villages of Pune. In spite of having heavy kitchen services in daily busy schedules all the cook warriors agreed without any hesitation & next morning equipped themselves with Kartals, Mridangas, Zamby & Wamper etc. The place decided was fort Shivneri where the saintly king Shivaji took birth in sixteenth centaury as well as nearby village called as Bhorvadi.

Thus morning at 6.30am, all devotees boarded temple bus & marched towards fort Shivneri which is situated in a town Junnar, 85Km far from Pune. As soon as bus reached at the bottom of the fort all devotees got down & immediately started HarinaamSankirtan. With continuous harinaam procession all started climbing the fort. Although climbing was tiring but harinaam didn’t stop. So many outsiders who came to visit fort took part in harinaam. At last devotees reached on top of the fort & to their surprise around three hundred school children were there to visit fort in their school picnic. Devotees did really uproarious HarinaamSankirtan in which many school children took part & danced with full enthusiasm. All devotees offered their respects by bowing down their heads to saintly king Shivaji Maharaj who took birth on this very fort.


The Sankirtan leader announced “We are fortunate to come to this place where such a pious & saintly king Shivaji  took birth; whose life was full of dedication to protect citizen, saintly people, protect various temples from envious rulers & to kill the demoniac leaders in society. Whole life, with swords & various weapons, he fought for the cause of religion. He was committed to his mission & hence was well protected by  full blessings of great saints like Tukaram Maharaj & Swami Ramdas. We should also with same vigor fight for our sanatan religion with weapons of Harinaamsankitan & Shrila Prabhupada’s transcendental book s distribution. Hence we are performing this Sankirtan as an offering of love to Shivaji Maharaj”.


Harinaam procession continued to the small monument in which King Shivaji took birth. With respect & reverence all devotees bowed their head. Right in that monument HG RevatinandanPr narrated various past times of Shivaji Maharaj. He explained that Shivaji Maharaj exhibited his saintly behavior right from childhood & vigor to protect cows & brahmanas. He narrated few incidents where Shivaji punished envious kings who took side of adharma.  King Shivaji acted as an instrument in the hands of Lord. Similarly we should become instruments in the hands of Lord- just like Shrila Prabhupada became & changed thousands of people’s lives.

We boarded buses toward nearby village Bhorvadi where some brahmcharis of our temple regularly go to perform HarinamSankirtan & do Hari-Katha. It is situated at the bank of river Pushpavati & surrounded by big mountains. After passing through various fields the bus finally reached the beautiful village. Devotees were quite tired due to Harinaam & fort climbing. After reaching there all devotees entered in river & swam to their fullest to overcome the fatigue. After which the Hare Krishna devotees headed by Bhakta Vilas Hajare staying in that village arranged an unlimited sumptuous feast for all devotees. This is the reciprocation of the villagers. Hence we realized that this respectful welcome culture is still present in India. In the evening we again had an uproarious sankirtan for one hour. All forty cook devotees danced with full enthusiasm. Many nearby villagers had come to see Hare Krishna devotees. They also took part in Kirtans. Subsequently we had a wonderful drama for all villagers followed by Katha by HG RevatiNandanPr in a nearby huge Lord  Vitthal Temple. The program concluded again with sumptuous Prasadam.  We thanked all the devotees there and boarded buses back to Pune.

The sankirtan department has planned to have same kind of wonderful HarinamSankirtan once in a month in nearby villages of Pune for the pleasure of Their Lordships & Srila Prabhupada. Devotees are requested to take part in it whenever possible.

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AjayGauranga Das

(MSc Comp, Modern Collage, Pune)