Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra Mandir



The story of ISKCON NVCC dates back to almost 1995, when late mr Banerjee met HH Gopal Krishna Goswami and expressed his inspiration in seeing the worship of Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari. He offered his Balaji deity along with his house as gift to maharaj and requested that Balaji be taken nice care by ISKCON. The money from the sale of house , 1.25 Cr became the seed money for purchasing the NVCC land of 6 acres. Though we were hesitant to embark on a huge temple project, the spiritual guidance from HH Radhanath swami ion building vibrant communities full of satisfied devotees offered a clear direction. and the encouragement, supervision, and continued guidance of HH GoPal Krishna Goswami, at every step of the growth of the project, was the motivating factor for the team.

Pune camp temple has been a spiritually  thriving center, spearheaded by IITian Radheshyam Das as the President, attracting youths, congregation and children who whole –heartedly took up to spirituality as their mail goal of life , besides fulfilling their duties to job and home. As the vibrant community started swelling beyond limitas a need was felt to go for a bigger facility foe organizing festivals, conducting seminars, and training programs, and expanding the mission. A new team of brahmacharis and congregation, headed by HG Srigurucharan prabhu emerged with varieties of ideas for inspiring Puneities to liberally contribute for the holy cause of making a home for the Supreme Lord. The vast congregation of Pune, surcharged with the divine sentiment of building an NVCC pooled up their best efforts turning the dream into reality. This NVCC project is an educational, cultural and spiritual landmark of Pune, for catering to the holistic training of visitors from all walks of life and to revive their innate values culminating in love for the Supreme Lord and all living beings.

Features of NVCC:

  • Daily classes on Srimad Bhagwatam & Bhagwad Gita for all
  • Traditional Balaji Temple built as a replica of the famous Tirupati temple
  • Beautiful meditation hall that can accommodate 2000 people at one time
  • Large prasadam hall where close to 3000 people can sit down for Krishna Prasad.
  • Bhaktivedant Cultural Hall available for hosting functions and special occations.
  • Upcoming Govinda’s Restaurant that will offer fine dining experience with pure vegetarian cuisines from across the world.
  • Upcoming Guest House facility where you can enjoy a comfortable stay within the serene environs of the temple