Dear Parents,

It is our pleasure to introduce ISKCON Lotus Voice kid’s summer camp 2014. These camps are conducted for the past 14 years in more than 20 locations in Pune for the age group of 6-13 years and trained teachers facilitate the camps every year.

These camps are designed to teach the children the basics of general etiquette and behavior through games, enacting, activities, videos, craft work and so on. So children learn through experiential learning. The themes are general value. The camps are aimed at helping the children appreciate these values and practically experience the benefits of adopting them. Some topics covered in the last summer camp are values like humility, tolerance, determination, respect, obedience, truthfulness, cleanliness etc.

The teachings in these camps are effective yet practical. The theme for our previous LOTUS VOICE ISKCON summer camp was   “THE HONEY COLLECTORS CAMP”. A bee always takes the honey even out of a lotus growing in the mud whereas a fly always gets attracted to garbage. In the same way the kids were taught to take the best out of any situation, through the example of a bee and a fly. The kids had an amazing time learning through various interactive games, skits and group discussions. They also got to know about our Indian heroes like Arjun and Yudhisthira through stories, art and craft activities. Kids were taught about teamwork and doing your best through the story of Lord Rama and the squirrel. The theme for this year was reinforced through various fun games like word power, expressive faces and other games. Kids also enjoyed delicious snacks every day. Attending the summer camp helped to increase the kids’ confidence as they performed fantastic dramas on stage in front of their parents .The parents in turn got to attend a seminar on the art of parenting as part of the summer camp. The aim of these camps is to get our children to develop these values such that it becomes their nature.

The theme of this year’s summer camp is “Budding Explorers”. How we are all children of God and therefore essentially have the same spiritual nature.  This summer we intend to help children understand the real self and our relation with God through many fun filled activities.

Please visit our summer camp website at to get more information and register your child for summer camp 2014.
 Summer camp

Thank you.

Lotus Voice Team