The most auspicious appearance of Lord Ramachandra was celebrated with great joy & devotion on 8th April 2014. Three days of RAMA Katha was organized in the temple on this occasion. HG Lala Govinda Prabhu (from Mumbai) drowned the devotees in nectarine pastimes and ecstatic bhajans & kirtans.

HG LalaGovind prabhu began katha on 7th evening by delineating the glorious dynasty of Lord Rama. Lord Rama appeared in the suryavamsi Kshatriya kings descending from the sun god Vivasvan. Then he discussed five reasons for the descent of Lord Ramachandra to this mortal world.(i)Curse to Jaya Vijaya by Four Kumaras (ii) Curse of Vrindadevi (iii) Curse of Narada muni (iv) Austerities by Manu & Shatrupa (v) Prayers by demigods to Lord Vishnu for His appearance.
On 8thApril, many devotees came for morning program & took darshan of the beautiful deities. In the morning session, HG LalGovind prabhu began katha by glorifying cows. Loving cows is bhakti as cows are dear to the Lord. Then Lord Rama’s marriage with Mother Sita was described. Lord Rama picked up, strung & broke the mighty bow of Lord Shiva which could not be moved by the combined efforts of 10000 kings. Parashurama was extremely angry due to breaking of bow but was later pacified by seeing Srivatsa sign on Lord Rama’s body. This proved that Lord Rama is non-different from Lord Vishnu. Lord Rama & His other brothers were married and they all returned to Ayodhya.
Thorughout the day there was harinama-sankirtan in the temple hall. Grand abhishek was performed at 6:45 pm accompanied by melodious kirtans. After abhishek, the nectarean Rama Katha continued.
Maharaja Dasaratha decided to coronate Lord Rama to which Lord Rama reluctantly agreed. Lord Rama wanted all His brothers to be king. But due to bad association of Manthra (a maidservant) Kaikeyi (the favorite wife of Maharaja Dasaratha ) asked for two boons from Dasaratha : to make her son Bharata the King and send Lord Rama to forest for 14 years as an ascetic. Maharaja Dasratha was devastated but Kaikeyi was adamant for getting her demands fulfilled. Lord Rama, setting an example of ideal son, agreed to go to forest happily. He left Ayodhya with Mother Sita & Laxman who wanted to serve Lord Rama in forest rather than enjoy comforts of Ayodhya. Loving dealings between Lord Rama & Kevata (the boat man ) were described in great detail. The day ended with kirtans & darshan of the deities.
On 9th morning , HG LalGovind prabhu described glories of Bharadvaja Muni & his meeting with Lord Rama . Meanwhile Maharaja Dasratha could not tolerate separation from his beloved Lord Rama & left his body reciting 6 times the holy name of “Rama”. Bharata & Shatrughna were immediately called. On hearing the whole turn of events, Bharat became extremely angry on his mother kaikeyi and rejected her. He went barefoot to beg Lord Rama to return. Despite his request, Lord Rama was undeterred in His resolve to fulfill His father’s words. Finally Bharata agreed to rule kingdom for 14 years but on behalf of Lord Rama. Bharata showed highest surrender and love for Lord Rama in the whole of Ramayana. Throughout the katha , HG LalGovind prabhu discussed many practical lessons taught by the pastimes and mesmerized the audience by describing the loving sentiments of Lord & His associates.