Lord Ramachandra appeared in Ayodhya as the son of Maharaja Dasarath. He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead .He is known as maryada- purushottam i.e. He appeared to show the ideal human behavior. He showed the world how to be the perfect son, perfect disciple, perfect husband and perfect King. Just to uphold the words of His father, He gave up the throne & went happily to forest for 14 years. He severely chastised the demons who troubled the great sages in the execution of their spiritual duties. He ruled the kingdom in such an exemplary way that till today people aspire for Rama- rajya.

Lord Ramachandra constructed a bridge over the water with stone by making the stone float. Thus He showed His extraordinarily  wonderful power. Lord Rama killed the mighty demon Ravana who even defeated the god of Death. The Supreme Lord is the owner, proprietor & enjoyer of everything. Ravana wanted to enjoy Mother Sita without Lord Rama. Ravana represents the demoniac mentality of trying to separately enjoy property of Lord Rama. Just as only Lord Rama could kill Ravana, similarly only Lord Rama can  destroy the demon of lust in our hearts which is our eternal enemy.


Lord Rama is extremely merciful & grateful to even smallest service rendered to Him. He performed the funeral ceremony as a son for Jatayu (a bird) who gave up his life for protecting Mother Sita. He was extremely pleased with Sugriva & other monkeys for assisting Him in the war against Ravana. It is said that all the monkey soldiers who died in war came back to life by Lord’s mercy. He embraced Hanuman for successfully finding out Sita.

It is said in Srimad Bhagavatam (9.11.23)

puruṣo rāma-caritaḿ

śravaṇair upadhārayan

ānṛśaḿsya-paro rājan

karma-bandhair vimucyate

“O King Parīkṣhit, anyone who aurally receives the narrations concerning the characteristics of Lord Rāmacandra’s pastimes will ultimately be freed from the disease of envy and thus be liberated from the bondage of fruitive activities.”

We happily invite you and your family for the grand celebration of Rama Navami on 08th April 2014 at ISKCON NVCC. Be blessed with the Rama-katha, Naam-Sankirtan and Mahaprasad.

—–GA Das