Rice Sevai with Veg is easy to prepare and breakfast meal. This is very popular in South India especially Tamil Nadu. Here is the recipe for Rice Sevai with Veg.

Yield 4.00 L 
Rice Noodles 800.00 gm In the boiling water add haldi , salt and rice sevai. Boil for 2-3 mins. When
almost cooked, put off flame. Add the cold water. After 2 mins drain the water. 
Haldi 1.60 gm
Salt 8.00 gm
Oil 8.00 ml
Boiling water 5.20 L 
Normal water 5.20 L
Coconut Oil 140.00 ml Heat oil. Put tadka till ginger. Then add capsicum. Saute for 5-7mins. Add the
boiled vegs.  Add the cooked rice sevai,
coconut grated, lemon juice, dhaniya Patta and the salt. Mix well
Rai 8.00 gm
Green Chilli (split in 2) 16.00 gm
Bedgi Mirch 4.00 gm
Curry Patta 100.00 ml
Ginger 40.00 ml
Capsicum 1″ square 80.00 gm
Beans(1″ long)  200.00 gm Parboil or steam separtely
Green Peas (optional) 80.00 gm
Carrot( 4mm finger chips) 160.00 gm
Salt 40.00 gm
Coconut grated 0.20 Nos.
Lemon Juice 48.00 ml
Dhaniya Patta, chopped 0.08 L

By: HG.Shabda Brahma Pr, ISKCON-Pune.