In Bhagavad gita it is said, whatever a great man does the common men follow. It is Mr. Niraj Bajaj one of the Tycoons in the Indian automobile industry visited our ISKCON new temple and appreciated the great temple and activities over there. Bajaj visits ISKCON NVCCHe came for a short but a memorable visit. First the BMS school children garlanded and welcomed him with gifts. Mr. Bajaj saw the Girl’s VOICE presentation. He was very much fascinated by the recently released, “Art of Parenting” book and Children VOICE activities.

In Bhakti Vedanta Community hall he was told about the Boy’s VOICE activities. Radheshyam pr explained him about the quality of lives of all the youths of Boy’s VOICE. They rise early in the morning, do mantra meditation, perform Mangal arati chanting and dancing, go to college and do studies in the evening very dutifully. Also they follow four regulative principles strictly and lead a life of Character, Competence and Devotion.

Also he visited the temple hall and offered his respects and went round the whole project and was deeply impressed.
Mr.Bajaj was talking to us after his round visit and he said:

1. Yours is not just a temple but a Educational center to inculcate Character and Values in lives of children and youth.

2. This beautiful project has come up by the combined effort of the core team of Fundraising devotees with the hard endeavors of the larger Congregation community. It is like a miracle come true. It goes to show the dedication of your people.

This whole event was possible due to the great efforts of Shwetadvip pr, Natwar pr, Mr.Nitin Patankar, Srigurucharan pr and Radheshyam pr.

– By Ramsevak Das, M Tech, IIT Kharagpur.