Performing arts in its various forms, for the pleasure of their lordships has been a very important and integral part of ISKCON. In ISKCON Pune, Bhaktivedanta Kala Kshetra offers this platform under the guidance of Bal Govind Prabhu and team.

Lord Krishna is very pleased when His devotees offer their beautiful artistic offerings to Him and He shows his love for arts in forms like Rasaraj, Natavar, Murlidhar and so on. When lord Krishna appeared as his own devotee as Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, then also he established Hari Naam Sankirtan as the Yuga dharma and He used to relish sankirtan with his associates for long times. In the same way, many of the prominent Acharyas in Vaishnava Parampara have expressed their feelings in form of devotional songs that inspire millions of devotees now and forever.


On Dec 14th 2014, a unique cultural program was organized at ISKCON NVCC at Pune for the pleasure of their lordships. This program named “Naad Rang” was special as all the artists performing in this program were children from the congregation of Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra temple.


During this 2 hour long program children of different age groups presented a number of performances on Indian classical, South Indian classical, Tabla, Kuchipudi dance, Bharatnatyam dances and a unique live painting.


The names of the children artists are Riddhima, Vaishnavi, Kush, Hrishikesh, Vishnu, Sara, Gopileela, Khushi, Priyavrat, Ashutosh, Gauranga, Nandrani, Bhakti, Anaya and Govinda.


This program was a glimpse of how creative expression in the field of performing arts develops the child’s inner self and creative discipline also helps in developing child’s personality.

The program was graced by the auspicious presence of HG Jahanava Mataji, HG Rupa Goswami Prabhu, HG Bal Govind Prabhu and many other senior devotees. The program was coordinated by HG Jayanarsimha Prabhu and HG Yashoda Rani Mataji.