Good news , we are starting Mridanga Teaching in most traditional style, right from basic to the advance by Bablu Master .

Bablu Master born in 1967, in Godrumadwip , brought up in a very traditional Bengali vaishnava culture. He started his learning of Mridanga from age of 5, from various experts. When his mridanga education was completed then he started teaching in Mayapur Gurukula under of HH Bhakti Vidyapurna swami Maharaja for 12 years. After that he was teaching in vrindavan Gurukula for 34 years. Also he does performance of Mridanga on professional level and he has written many books on Gaudiya Kirtan Standards and Mridanga. More details about the Masterji is available on ISKCON Desire Tree.

>Starting from: August 20th,

>For registration and more details of the Course contact: 7064130012

>Last date for registration: 7th August

Bablu Prabhu