On 12th of Feb 2017, HG Madhava Prabhu Graced the devotes of ISKCON Pune and served their lordship Shri Shri RadhaVrindavan Chandra with his mesmerizing kirtans.
On the morning of 12th feb HG Madhava Pr, arrived in the morning at 9:00, and was welcomed by ISKCON NVCC’s very own army of kid kirtaneers. ISKCON Pune’s kids are known for their wonderful kirtans.
After which Madhava proceeded for darshan of Their Lordships and Balaji Bhagavan.
After that they had some rest followed by sumptuous lunch.
The kirtan started at 4:45 Pm and continued till 7:00 PM, every single assembled devotee was enchanted by the divine kirtan by Madhava Prabhu, HG Vrindavan Kirtan Pr was on mridangam.
The organizing team of the event was of 9 Devotees, where the overall management was seen by HG Dayasindhu Pr, the prasadam arrangement was seen by HG Murali Govind Pr & Damodar Krishna Pr. The hospitality and transport was seen by Bh.Akshay, Bh.Abhijeet & Bh Rakesh. The pre event management was seen by HG Sri RoopCharan Pr. The sound system and security was seen by Bh. Hemant pr. The overall Execution was seen by Bh. GaurHari Pr. And the total management was seen by HG Dayasindhu Das.
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