We, at ISKCON Kolkata, take immense pleasure and feel divinely blessed to inform all the devotees that we have started SrilaPrabhupada Tours and Travels services in this sacred birth city of SrilaPrabhupada. Our aim is to serve all the visiting vaisnavas in taking a spiritually refreshing tour of the numerous spots in Kolkata that are forever sanctified by the divine touch of His Divine Grace. This presents us all with an opportunity to instil ourselves with sweet memories of Srila  Prabhupada pastimes at those very places where they factually happened and thereby fill our lives with supremely purifying glorification of our dear most master SrilaPrabhupada.

The details of services offered by  SrilaPrabhupada Tours and Travels are outlined below:

1)       Kolkata DhamDarshan: Kolkata, being the city where SrilaPrabhupada appeared and lived for a large part of his life, is replete with innumerable places associated with SrilaPrabhupada’s pastimes. The list includes

a)      Srila  Prabhupad’s birth place: The same jackfruit tree under which SrilaPrabhupada took birth is still there.

b)     Motilal Seal Schhol:Prabhupada did his schooling here.

c)      Scottish Church College:  SrilaPrabhupada studied in this college.

d)     RadhaGovinda Mandir:SrilaPrabhupada used to visit this temple regularly in his childhood,

e)      Khidderpore Dock:SrilaPrabhupada departed for America in Jaladuta ship from here,

f)       Ultadanga Junction road: SrilaPrabhupada met Srila Bhakti SiddhantaSaraswati Thakur for the first time etc.  (The list is very long!!!).

We are offering the facility to organize guided tours to these holy sites for visiting devotees. Devotees wishing to avail of our services in this regard can contact us via mail at  avdas@iskconkolkata.com. We request devotees to inform us well in advance to help us serve them our best. We suggest that Devotees, while going to Mayapur, can take opportunity to derive transcendental benefits of visiting these holy places.

Besides this, Nearby Kolkata, There are several places associated with of pastimes of Sri ChaitanyaMahaprabhu and  NtyanandaPrabhu; such as Panihati (The famous dahichida festival took place here), Khardaha (House of NityanandaPr ) etc.. If devotees wish, we can assist them to visit these places as well.

2)      Car and Bus Rental services:  We have also started car and bus rental services from Kolkata for various places like Mayapur, Panihati, Ganga sagar and other holy places in and around Kolkata and devotees may take advantage of this facility as well.

We would request all the devotees to kindly spread the word around so that countless souls may come and bathe their consciousness in the spiritually surcharged places which are imbued with the holy dust of SrilaPrabhupada’s Lotus Feet

Looking forward for  opportunities to serve all the devotees  with all our heart and soul for the pleasure of Hari, Guru and Vaishnavas and glorifying  Srila  Prabhupada  throughout the world.

Please CLICK HERE to see a slide show wherein some of the glimpses of aforementioned holy places are included.

Your Servant,

Ananda Vardhan Das (B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur),

Incharge: SrilaPrabhupada Tours and Travels,

ISKCON Kolkata.