Srila Prabhupad has said, ‘Sankirtan — congregational chanting and by engagement in the service of Krishna, anyone who takes part will experience the state of “Samadhi,” ecstatic absorption in God-consciousness, 24 hours a day!’, Our kids kirtan on this Sunday 23rd April, gave a glimpse of this experience to all those who visited Balaji temple on an auspicious day of Varuttini Ekadashi.


Around 10 devotee children ranging from 4 to 7 yrs age sang with their innocent devotion, Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, delighting hearts of everyone. Lord Balaji standing in the altar appeared pleased in His beaming smile, blessing the little ones. Elder children assisted on mridanga & kartaal, although had to be little patient as younger ones would struggle with the rhythm, never failed to encourage and inspire them with their steady accompaniment.


All of those who had come to take darshan of Lord Balaji had later gathered around this team of little ones who were singing Hare Krishna Maha Mantra sitting right in front of Lord Balaji. Oblivious to who was around them, children singing in their sweet demeanor captured hearts of all the visiting devotees. Wonderstruck crowd couldn’t stop participating by singing mahamantra & catching rhythm with their dancing feet.


Kirtan went on for more than an hour, ended with Lord Balaji’s Mahaprasadam for children and their parents.


It was eminent that all the parents had taken efforts in preparing their little one with a nice tune of maha mantra, sitting next to them helped them to serve the Lord by singing with confidence and devotion.


We wish to thank all the children along with their parents for their efforts and persistence in offering this service at the lotus feet of Lord Balalji, month after month. All our thanks to team of devotees for arranging instruments and sound system, also Mahaprasad which children enjoy the most.


We wish to thank our temple president HG Radheshyam Pr, other temple authorities from Kirtan seva mandali for giving children this service opportunity with such wonderful arrangements.


We wish to pray for the children that they remain innocent, active servants of the Lord, always engaged in enthusiastically serving the Lord & His devotees.


Always aspiring to serve the Lord and His devotees,


Next  Kids Kirtan Mela is on 30th April at Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra Mandir for age above 15yr from 5 to 7.30 contact: 9370010242  and

At Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari Mandir at 4.30 to 7pm Contact:8805011402

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