on 18th June, Kids below 7 yrs, returning back after summer vacation, rendered their kirtan service at Lord Balaji’s lotus feet, in NVCC.  About 8 children participated with great enthusiasm. This time we had two very small girls, 3 & 4 year old, who joined the group for the first time to receive blessings from the Lord.  Guided by their equally enthusiastic parents, every child sang Hare Krishna Maha Mantra, with their sweet devotion & innocence, giving pleasure to the Lord. Children also sang their favourite Narasimha aarti & very sweet bhajan ‘jay govinda jay gopal..’.

Accompanying on mridanga and kartaal were elder children who with equal enthusiasm encouraged their younger devotee friends, making it easy for the little ones to catch up with the tune & rhythm.

As usual, devotees coming to take darshan were amused and astonished seeing such small children singing melodious tunes with such confidence.  Many were just hanging around singing, dancing, clapping hands on the HKMM tunes, some hearing maha mantra being sung for the first time.

As always, the best part of the kirtan is at the end, when children gather around to receive special mercy of the Lord, His maha Prasad, variety of fruits.  Holding drone in their little hands, their eyes curiously gaze at the fruit bowl searching for their favourite fruits. On receiving what they like the most, they become so joyous.

This joy is the real fruit that the Lord gives, for their endeavour to please the Lord.

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