Whatever the Lord does is a transcendental pastime and attracts the hearts of His devotees closer to Him in His loving devotional service. Sometimes He steals butter from the homes of vrajvasis, sometimes He grows pearls by sowing pearls as seeds and through such innumerable pastimes mesmerizes everyone.And in the month of Phalgun He chooses to play with colors with the vrajvasis which is very famous in India as the Holi festival, which in due course of time lost its true nature of having Lord Krishna as the center.

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ISKCON NVCC(New Vedic Cultural Center) reviving this wonderful and colorful festival in its right spirit yesterday celebrated the festival for the pleasure of Sri Sri RadhaVrindavancandra and  Sri Sri Radha Kunjabihari attracting many visitors. Their Lordships were seated on a beautifully decorated swing specially made for the occasion on a high stage for everyone to behold their transcendental beauty and their color sporting. When everything was set, the pujaris of the temple began the event by first offering gulal to Their Lordships. Gulals of different colors were used to heighten the pleasure and to please the Lord of hearts. After all, variety is the mother of enjoyment and Lord Krishna is the Supreme enjoyer. While the atmosphere was colored thus, the Hare Krishna kirtans were also being sung in accompaniment to further increase the joy of celebration. Then after some time when the Lord had played enough with the gulal the pujaris very timely moved on to introduce colored water to spray on the transcendental bodies of Their Lordships. HG Srikeshav prabhu from the temple for the pleasure of the vrajendranandan, began to sing vraj songs, ‘Holi khelan barsane aaye hain, natbar nanda kishor’ and soaked the entire atmosphere in the Vraj-Holi mood while the Their Lordships were themselves drenched in different colors. As the celebration picked up HG Radheshyam Prabhu- the temple President of ISKCON Pune sang absorbing kirtan for Their pleasure as some started to dance in this Holi celebration. After more than an hour long celebration, Their Lordships as they decided to go back, pujaris carried them back to the altar in a procession with the chanting of Hare Krishna Maha mantra. A wonderful celebration, first of its kind in ISKCON Pune. Till everyone gets to witness this celebration again, one can always chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra which the sastras say encapsulates everything about the Lord- name,form,qualities and the pastimes. Hare Krishna !

—- Krishna R.