ISKCON Pune is immensely glad to announce the schedule of upcoming Pune visit of His Holiness Bhakti Rasamrita Swami Maharaj. Maharaj is visiting Pune from 7th to 9th Feb. He is adored by devotees all over the world for his eloquent, lucid and succinct discourses which convey the deepest philosophical truth with a praiseworthy ease of understanding and at the same time captivate the audiences with enchanting descriptions of Lord’s pastimes.

Maharaj accepted renounced order of life on the auspicious day of Rama Navami, 24th March, 2010; before which he was renowned by the name Devamrita Prabhu. He has served as temple president in Mumbai, Belgaum and Vrindavan. In his more than 23 years of dedicated devotional life in ISKCON, he has preached in many countries of America, Europe and USSR, and continues to do so. He is overseeing the development of a “self- sufficient vedic eco village” (Gokul Dham) in 450 acres of land near Belgaum.

Commemorating the hundredth birth anniversary of Srila Prabhupada in the year 1996, he travelled widely and conducted National level theistic debate competitions in various colleges and Universities across India and Nepal, covering 250 cities and over 5000 colleges.

We extend you a warm welcome to take full advantage of his rare and uplifting holy association. The schedule of his visit is delineated in the picture attached herein.

HHBRSM Visit to pune