We are the Gita Youth Society for Transformation (GYST), AProgram aimed at saving the youth from self-destructive habits by enlightening them with the knowledge of Vedic Wisdom through cultural programs, seminars and like-minded association.It’s a Monthly Youth Festival for the Age group 15-30 both for boys and girls.

Modern youths are suffering from tremendous pressure and stress to perform in an intensely competitive and demanding environment. They are indulging in self-destructive habits like drug addiction, suicides, illicit connections, violence, etc. Our society aims to show them an enlightened path that will empower them to achieve their ambitions and lead healthy happy lives.We have transformed lives of thousands of youths all over India including major technical institutes like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Chennai, NIT Warangal, NIT Suratkal, NIT Rourkela and many more.

This year, we have inaugurated our activities in February 2014, with an attractive cultural and seminar presentation. The program is organised at ISKCON’s New Vedic Cultural Centre that was inaugurated last year by the honourable President, Sri Pranab Mukherjee. These festivals attract thousands of youngsters from all over Pune. Our protocol for Events goes with Short Film, Cultural Dance,  Drama, Seminar, Dinner Feast and also Kirtan singing-dancing session that contains a wonderful mix of traditional musical instruments like mrdangas and cymbals, blended with modern electronic synthesizers, guitars, Drum pads and Zambay.

Some of the topics covered till date are True Love Story, Colors of India, Vote for India, Rolling of Dice, We face a crowd close to 1200 youth every month, every month it’s a new crowd, We are also conducting in Colleges & Successful Mantra Rock Show Performance in Malls. The GYST team has formed a BAND name “The Hare Krishna Chanters”. In the recent months we have also started Regular Ramayan Katha on Sunday evenings with a crowd of 50 people. We are expecting minimum 500 people to attend in the near future. This is for all age group.

For more details mail us at info@gyst.in or visit: www.gyst.in or sms us @ 8552811526

This whole event is under the direction of HG Radheysham das. HG Keshavanand das is playing a lead role as chairman and Bhakta Manjunath as a coordinator assisting in GYST service.