Sri Govinda Ghosh belonged to the kayastha dynasty of the Uttara-radhiya section, and he was known as Ghosh Thakura. He was an intimate associate of Lord Caitanya & was known for his sweet kirtans at the annual Jagannatha Puri Ratha- yatra festival. Lord Caitanya would at once begin to dance whenever Govinda Ghosh would sing. Govinda Ghosh and his brothers Vasudeva and Madhava are eternal associates of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nityananda Prabhu.

He made his home in Agradvipa. Govinda Ghosh participated in Mahaprabhu’s lilas in Srivasa-Angan, in the nagara-sankirtan to the Kazi’s house, and in the house of Raghava Pandit. During the Rathayatra festival, he was the lead singer in the fourth kirtan group, accompanied by his two brothers, Chota Hari Das, Vishnu Das and Raghava Pandit. Vakresvara Pandit joined this group as the principal dancer.


On Mahaprabhu’s direction, Govinda revealed the Gopinath deity from a black stone in Agradvipa. Mahaprabhu also instructed him to get married. The story goes that Govinda Ghosh’s wife and son both died untimely. Govind Ghosh became very sad & laid down on his bed. He didn’t ate neither offer anything to Gopinathaji that day. In the night, Gopinatha came & began to massage his legs. Then Lord asked him , “I don’t understand your intelligence. Your one son dies & you decide, “What’s the point in feeding the other one – let him die also.”Govind replied, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I had only one son.”

Lord said “Am I not also your son? You are feeding Me & taking nice care of Me as your son. Now when I am dependent on you, you decide to neglect Me altogether.” Govind asked, “Well , anyway, now there’s no one to perform my sraddha & the offering of pinda to my forefathers. Will you do that?” Lord replied, “Yes , I can do it . Why not ? So now, will you give Me something to eat?”

Govind Ghosh became very happy & got up to prepare an offering. To this day the deity dresses in a plain white cloth & with a kusa grass ring on His finger, He offers pinda on the disappearance day of Govind Ghosh Thakura.

Govind ghosh deity

As Kalavati-sakhi, GovindaGhosh sings sweetly for Radha-Govindaji in GolokaVrindavana.


-GA Das