The most auspicious appearance of Lord Chaitanya was celebrated on 16th March, 2014 with full joy and gaiety. Lord Chaitanya is the most merciful incarnation who appeared 500 years in West Bengal. He propagated the easiest process of the congregational chanting of holy names throughout India.

image032 At ISKCON NVCC , celebrations began few days in advance glorifying the glories of Lord Gauranga in the morning & evening. HG Vamsi Vadana Pr explained that Lord Chaitanya has set an example how to practice devotional service. He treated everyone with love & respect irrespective of their social position. HG Radheshyam pr discussed how to see “Essence behind Externals”. For three evenings , HG Kadamba Krishna pr discussed teachings of Lord Chaitanya to Srila Sanatana Gosvami. The essence of whole teachings is that all the living entities are eternal servants of Lord Krishna.

On 16th March , we were blessed to have the association of HG Krishnanand Pr. After the beautiful darshan of Their Lordships , we had a feast of non- stop Gaur Katha. HG Krishnanand Pr enlightened us about the infinite causeless mercy of Lord Chaitanya. We can get more mercy of Lord Chaitanya by having a humble disposition. The more humble we feel we are, the more we have claim to the mercy of Lord. Lord Chaitanya exhibited His mercy by delivering  Jagai & Madhai . Jagai & Madhai were born in pios families but became extremely degraded in their behavior. They looted people, burnt their houses, desecrated women & murdered people. They were always drunk with wine. Such people became transformed & gave up their sinful activities by taking shelter of Lord Chaitanya  & His process of chanting Holy names.

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In the evening , there was maha- abhisheka of Sri Sri Nitai Gaurchandra . The Deities were bathed in various items like fruit juices amidst soul stirring kirtan by the devotees. After the abhishek , HG Murari Pr discussed various pastimes of Lord . Lord Chaitanya appeared in Nabadwipa  which was a high seat of learning in those days. Scholarship was given most importance by the people of Nabadwipa. Lord Chaitanya became the greatest scholar & logician of His time. Later on, after meeting his spiritual master, He propagated the glories of devotional service to Lord Krishna and established the chanting of Hare Krishna mahamantra as the only means for deliverance in the current age of Kali Yuga. Finally we had Gaur Arati & kirtans continued till 10 pm. Hundreds of devotees & well-wishers took darshan & were served feast prasadam .

The next day, 17th March was Jagannath Mishra festival- birthday festival celebrated by Jagannath Mishra (the father of Lord Chaitanya ). HG Vardraj Pr explained how Lord Chaitanya is two in one incarnation-combined incarnation of Lord Krishna & Srimati Radharani. Lord Chaitanya is matru- bhakti shiromani (topmost son of mother), data shiromani (best of donors) , balaka shiromani (best of all children ) , sarvajna shiromani (best of all knowers -one who knows everything of this creation) and sannyasa shiromani (best of all renunciates). There was a celebration of Holi festival in the evening. The Utsava Murtis of Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra were brought in the lawn. Pujaris poured various colors on the Lord while sweet bhajans & kirtans  were sung by the devotees.



Patit Pavan hetu tab avatar…….

Gaurang Maharabhu ki Jai!

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