(A review of Pune-Mumbai Sankirtan Dindi)
The supreme personality of Godhead the most munificent Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared 500 years back in Navadweep Dham in West Bengol. During His auspicious presence He travelled whole south India for propagating chanting of the holy names. Hence this is year exactly 500 years are complete for His Maharashtra visit. For remembrance of this glorious event;under auspicious blessing & guidance of HH Loknath Swami Maharaj, the grand walking Sankirtan festival which means sankirtan Dindi is arranged which will traverse the path in Maharashtra where Lord traversed during Maharashtra visit. This Dindi has started in Kolhapur& will go through Aravade, Pandharpur, Satara, Pune, Mumbai, Wada & will reach at Nasik. Hence recently devotees from ISKCON Pune temple have completed this Sankirtan Dindi from Pune to Kharghar (Mumbai).This Dindi was led by HG Parthasarthi Pr(Brahmachari from Pune). Devotees started on 1st May from Pune & reached Kharghar on 9th May.

First day many brahmacharis participated enthusiastically from Iskcon Pune camp and afternoon Dindi reached at Kalewadi center. There HG AprameyaMukunda Pr (father of Brahmachari HG AnandMurari Pr) had arranged grand feast for all. The main attraction of feast was Maharashtriyan special Puranpoli. Next day along with many Kalewadi congregation devotees thisDindi started for Sridham Dehu, abode of Tukaram Maharaj. In the afternoon devotees reached Dehu dham. There a sumptuous feast had arrived cooked in Nigdi temple. There ISKCON Dehu center had done a wonderful stay arrangement in their small but very sweettemple. In the evening one congregation devotee showed us various auspicious places where Saint Tukaram performed various past times exhibiting his exalted devotional qualities. Next morning devotees again started in early morning & reached Iskcon Talegaon center. To our surprise one congregation devotee there had constructed a very gorgeous temple having beautiful Sri Sri GaurNitai deities. After taking darshan of deity all devotees fatigue went away. Devotees got opportunity to stay in this very temple. The local congregation devotees had arranged very nice dinner feast.
Next day early morning Dindi started again. A big challenge was ahead. Devotees had to travel 28Km on that day. But patient & confident leadership of HG Parthasarthi Pr made it possible. On this day one street dog surprisingly walked contentiously with Dindi& he accompanied further four days walking with devotees. On that day our staying arrangement was in a very auspicious place. It was a place where Sant Tukaram Maharaj used to visit for taking rest when he used to go from Dehu to Mumbai for business purpose. The same trees are still present under which he used to take place. As a remembrance of that event the Vaarkari Sampradaya has built a nice ashram in which we got opportunity to stay free of cost. In that ashram devotees had done Katha depicting past times for Tukaram Maharaj. Next morning Dindi again stated. In the afternoon Dindi reached at ‘Khopoli’ where very senior congregation devotees from ISKCON Mira Road done our staying arrangements. Dindi devotees were amazed by seeing enthusiasm & service attitude of these congregation devotees who helped us a lot in staying as well as prasadam arrangements. Two devotees of them were awake till 1am in the night for next day breakfast preparations. Thus next day Dindi as usual started & reached in a very beautiful village ‘Chauk’ which is blessed by nature & which is the birth place of HG SundarShyam Pr a senior Brahmachari in Pune temple. There Bhakta Avinash the brother of SundarShyam Pr had done staying arrangement in a local beautiful Vitthal temple. He had brought all necessary ingredients needed for cooking. In the evening we had a grand sankirtan in village followed by Katha in Vitthal temple.

Next afternoon Dindi reached Panvel, a heavily crowed city. But still devotees connected to ISKCON Chopati temple had done very nice staying arrangements. Also few initiated devotees cooked a sumptuous feast for all of Dindi participants. To our surprise there was weekly satsang program arranged there where around 200 people come regularly. Hence we put our beautiful cart there for darshan for all devotees came for Satsang. In next morning to our surprise around 50 congregation devotees had come in very morning at 6am to participate in Dindi. They accompanied half the way with enthu & bid a farewell to us. Thus within a short time with uproarious sankirtan our Dindi reached to destination ie to Kharghar temple where vice president HG Shikshashtakam Pr welcomed us.

There were around twenty five devotees throughout performing various services in this Dindi. Among them three cooks were from Solapur, few grihasthas also were from Satara, Kolhapur,Pandharpur, Nagar etc. In the whole Dindi their Lordships Shri Shri Gaur Nitai who were resembling a nice glowing yellow color were so beautiful on the carts attracting thousands people on the roads. Although we were far from temple but it was appearing that as if we are constantly with a ‘walking temple’ only. HG Satchidanandvigraha Pr (Brahmachari from NVCC) single handedly took care of deities very nicely which includes daily dressing & bhoga offering etc.HG Sarvalakshan Pr & HG Jugalkishor Pr along with three cooks from Solapur worked hard to prepare various nice feast items for all Dindi devotees. Although waking in hot sun was tiring but nice sumptuous prasadam was able to conquer the fatigue of devotees. Devotees performed nice dancing kirtans throughout. In throughout Dindi two beautiful white bulls named as Sonya & Raja were done herculean task to pull the heavy wooden Dindi cart. Thus they got profuse blessings & of Shri Gaur Nitai. Although it was hot summer of May month, it was appearing to be very difficult to have walking sankirtan from Pune to Mumbai but by mercy of Shri Shri Gaur Nitai & Shrila Prabhupada & under nice leadership of HG Parthasarthi Pr the whole Dindi became a wonderful unforgettable incident. It became golden moments in the life of those who attended this Dindi.

Daily all devotees used to start walking early in the morning at 6am in order to avoid hot sun. Walking after 10am was quite tiring because of hot sun. Wherever Dindi made the stay, all local congregation devotees there extended themselves to help a lot. Few were awake till night 1am in order to help in making next day’s prasadam arrangements. Although all these devotees never mate each other previously still they helped with complete love & without any reservation. This kind of amazing reciprocation which is rarely seen in this material world was possible because Krishna was in center. Although Dindi was conducted in hot summer; because of this wonderful loving affection showed by local congregation devotees all of Dindi participants felt ‘cooling breezes’ of transcendental love of devotees. All devotees who participated as well as who assisted in this holy attempt experienced this beautiful aspect of Krishna consciousness of sharing Krishna with each other. Nothing is impossible when Krishna is in center.

Sankirtan Dindi Padayatra Ki Jaaay…

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