ISKCON NVCC Pune – Connect Us

Dear Devotees,
Hare Krishna!
We are extremely glad to inform you about OFFICIAL WhatsApp group of ISKCON NVCC , Pune.

The best part is only admins can post on the group,so you will be relieved of unnecessary information or forward messages.
We have categorized the groups in 2 broad categories.
A kind request to all of you to please go through it thoroughly before you join any group.
1) Announcements and Updates: In this category you will receive ONLY INFORMATION from Temple about various programs ,guest speakers, festivals,Projects under Gaur Nitai Trust,news about special events organized by ISKCON Pune, any upcoming events or courses,etc.

2) Daily Darshan: In this category you will receive ONLY Daily Darshan of Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra,Sri Sri Gaur Nitai,Sri Sri Jagannath Baldev Subhadra and Lord Balaji.

As per your need and interest you can decide to choose any category. Few of may want to be part of only one category,others can be any two or all three.

We have purposely given multiple links to join group as there is maximum limit in each group.
Following table will give you various links under each category. Please click as per your need and interest.

A special request to all congregation devotees to please join one of the Announcement and Update category because eventually we would stop SMS service once WhatsApp group communication becomes steady and stable.

# Group Links
1) Announcements
2) News
3) Information about projects under Gaur Nitai Trust
Group Participant must be already connected to some devotee in ISKCON
1 Group 1 Join
2 Group 2 Join
3 Group 3 Join
4 Group 4 Join
Daily Darshan of all deities at ISKCON NVCC Pune
1 Group 1 Join
2 Group 2 Join

Looking forward to serve you in the best possible way !

Thank you!

Yours in Service of Lord Krishna,
ISKCON Pune Communications Team