By Nitya Tarangini Devi Dasi, M.A, B.Ed

Vedic philosophy explains that the purpose and perfection of everything is revealed when we use everything in the service of the Lord. By the glorification of the Lord, ingredients used for His glorification get glorified. Flowers are very beautiful and very attractive. It is only when we decorate the supreme attractor with these attractive blossoms, that their beauty and attractiveness finds perfection. Krishna’s beautiful form and activities are beyond our material perception. When we decorate the Lord with different colourful and fragrant flowers, His transcendental beauty becomes accessible, relishable and comprehensible at material level also. Pushya abhishek means showering and bathing Krishna with flowers. So when the deities are decorated with flowers or bathed with flowers, it become very enchanting and cooling sight to behold. This enchanting beauty can penetrate everyone’s heart and evoke the experience of ecstasy!!

16th January was the soothing enchanting and enlivening day for Pune congregation. Flowers were brought from various places such as Vrindavan, Ujjain and Singapore. During the day, devotees were eagerly plucking the petals of roses, jasmin, marigold, rajnigandha etc just to make arrangement for a colourful cascade for Their Lordships Sri Sri Radha Vrindavan Chandra. Devotees’ rejuvenating face and tireless enthusiasm glorified the beauty of the verse, “Patram pushpam.”(Bhagavad Gita 9.26) When it was nearing 7.30 pm, Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the “Saara-grahi”, He who agrees to be purchased and conquered by the love of His devotees, was ready with His most merciful consort, Srimati Radharani to accept the sincere loving service of many!!!Different layers of colourful petals made another mesmerising dress around the Lord ! That was awesome fulfilling scene!!Thousands of devotees’ big “harii bolll ”emphasised the exuberance of exaltation!! RVC PA11Sweet, heart melting Vrindavan melodies of HG Mukunda Datta prabhu ,increased the elegance of the event and lifted everyone to the world of eternal joy !!

RVC Pujaris shared the grace by showering maha flowers on each other. A deeper sense of the profound form of meditation immersed everyone in bliss.

Pushyabhishek is a festival that not only demonstrate the beauty of the Lord but also demonstrate the accessibility and glory of bhakti.

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