ISKCON’S “Art of Parenting book” got full appreciation in the “International Conference on “Reverence to Parents -The Successful Art of Parenting” – At Pune on 06- Apr-2014

Conference was organized by “World Foundation on Reverence for all life”

Conference called to order by Dr J G Patil followed by National Anthem and multi-religious prayers.

Mr Bahri B R Malhotra, the President of WFRAL briefed about the background of this conference and how it evolved from its conception.

Dr S B Mujumdar, the Founder President of Symbiosis, the premier educational institution in Pune addressed the audience on the various kinds of parenting styles like Authoritative parenting, Authoritarian parenting, Un-involved parenting etc and what are their effects on the society at large.

Other speakers include Prof V D Karad, Founder President of MIT, Col K C Mishra, Ms Vinita Deshmukh and Mr Ramesh Deo, the noted veteran Actor, who is the chief Guest.

Rev Dada J P Vaswani, spiritual head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission addressed the audience on few simple practical tips on successful parenting right from child birth like how important it is for child to be with the mother especially at the infant stage and when the child is growing and how important it is for father to spend quality time with the children as they grow to become teenagers.

Panel discussion with various representative authors/co-authors include HG Radheshyam Prabhu, HG Ram Sevak Prabhu from ISKCON, Representative from Siddha Samadhi Yoga mission along with the panel coordinator Dr Edison Samraj.

HG Radheshyam Prabhu, President of ISKCON Pune spoke about how with more and more spiritual consciousness /awareness, one gets more and more service mentality with example and mentioned that the divine qualities will manifest as one goes closer to the lotus feet of the god and materialism is on the opposite vector. Farther we go from god, selfish we become. We are in a age where the joint family system has broken down and children are becoming part of the nuclear families, where both parents are working and they hardly have time for the children with no emotional support to the children. One of the published statistics shows that 87% of the Parents do not know what their children are doing and 66% of the children are watching internet pornography and exposed too much to the media, TV, Movie, Radio, internet which display all kinds of complex things of the world where sex and violence is most common. This is really a great challenge for a child to exhibit divine qualities. On the contrary, in the Vedic system in the joint family, we can see lot of divine qualities like humility, tolerance, simplicity, patience, courtesy, integrity, loyalty etc. Further he gave reference to 16th Chapter of Bhagavad Gita on divine and demoniac qualities. Also mentioned that, one of his service in ISKCON is to reach out to the schools and teach divine values centered around god and he stressed the need for children to understand who they are and what is their relationship with god. In India, in the name of secularism, we are trying to follow certain western atheistic philosophies because of which all the values are watered down though all religions have their own foundational truth.

Hence we as parents have great responsibility as the mother is referred as matru devo bhava and the father is refered as pitru evo bhava…and mentioned how Srila Prabhupada, the founder acharya of ISKCON worldwide movement wonderfully spread this message to the entire world and demonstrated how in today’s day and age, one can live a god centered life and revive divine qualities.

He ended his speech with a message to re-kindle wisdom and revive love for god, nature and all living entities.


HG Ram Sevak Prabhu briefed the audience about the ISKCON Pune published book on “Art of Parenting” and credentials of the authors/personalities contributed to this book and also addressed the questions from the audience.

Towards the end, few identified ideal joint families from different walks of life been felicitated.

Mr Mukesh Malhotra tirelessly coordinated and managed the entire event.

Report by: Sridhar Krishna das