On the sacred occasion of the appearance day of our Param-Guru Sri Srimad Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur Goswami Prabhupada, we are posting here some of his instructive quotes* and some pictorial reminiscences of his transcendental life.

  1. If to carry out the command of the Vaiṣṇava guru I have to be arrogant or brutish, or suffer eternal perdition, I am prepared to welcome such eternal damnation and even sign a contract to that effect. I will not listen to the words of malicious persons in lieu of the command of Śrī Gurudeva. I will dissipate with indomitable courage and conviction the currents of thought of the rest of the world, relying on the strength derived from the lotus feet of Śrī Gurudeva. I confess to this arrogance.SBSST2
  1. The threefold miseries cannot be vanquished without following the instructions of Bhāgavatam. There are unlimited varieties of distress, and we cannot invent a way to end even one of them. They are caused by nescience in the form of forgetfulness of the Supreme Lord. That nescience both covers the living entities and hurls them into further throes. Until we terminate the cause we will never overcome the miserable effect. If we wish to help others we must propagate devotional service. If the Lord’s message is preached around the world, then all countries and all people will achieve the greatest success of all time.SBSST1
  1. Devotional service benefits all beings in all countries at all times. Those who chant the Lord’s glories uplift every living entity on the planet, including beasts, birds, demigods, asuras, and even trees, creepers, and stones.Bhaktisiddhanta
  1. The sound pronounced by the sadhu and mahā-prasāda are not entities of this world. They are not identical with ordinary sound or ordinary food, which are merely means for gratifying our sensuous inclinations and appetites. Because they are spiritual, the word of God and mahā-prasāda cannot be enjoyed, or in other words, cannot be employed in gratification of the senses. Those who enjoy kīrtana or any spiritual discourse, or eat mahā-prasāda for appeasing hunger or gratification of the palate, are guilty of sacrilegious acts that serve only to prolong the state of sin, and ignorance of the greatest possible calamity that can befall the soul embodied in human form.




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*excerpted from “Sri- Bhaktisiddhanta-Vaibhava” by His Holiness Bhakti Vikas Swami Maharaja.