The soul being part and parcel of The Supreme Personality of Godhead has Cit – knowledge or cognizance potency in minute quantity – which is now covered over by ajnana or ignorance.Education means process of uncovering this ‘Cit’ potency that is dormant in every living entity.

nitya-siddha krishna-prema ‘sadhya’ kabhu naya shravanadi-shuddha-citte karaye udaya

“Pure love for Krishna is eternally established in the hearts of living entities. It is not something to be gained from another source. When the heart is purified by hearing and chanting, the living entity naturally awakens.”

The 6 friends of a good contemplator or introspective sage are “who, what, when, where, why and How”.  By systematic cultivation of contemplation, applying these questions in relation to absolute truth our mind becomes tranquil, it gets permanent reality to hold on to. (This stage is called as ‘Sakshatkar’ or realisation of the Absolute Truth)

SB 1.1.2, verse ‘vedyaà västavam atra vastu çivadaà täpa-trayonmülanam….” says Lord Krishna is the absolute truth, he is the västava- vastu (the real object) and spiritual world is real situation we should be in. By holding on to these permanent realities mind gets pacified. To train oneself and others in this direction is the real purpose of education.

Education means following 3 things

What                 (who) How             (when, where) Why
Sambandh jnana Abhidheya jnana Prayojana jnana
To Know To do To be
Theory Practical / Application Conclusion / Realization

(Information about self, God & others)


(Process of achieving the Goal)

Goal  / Objective

(End result to be achieved)

Knowledge Skills Values /  Qualities
  • You are not this body but a spirit soul
  • about spiritual world and material world
  • about the three modes of nature


  • chanting the holy names of Lord
  • worshipping the deities
  • readingSrimad Bhagvatam,
  • associating with devotees
  • To develop love of God
  • To go back to Godhead
  • To be free from miseries of material existence


In short, education means to equip and engage oneself and others in constant up gradation of knowledge, skills and values of Krishna consciousness.

We offer following programs for the purpose of education

1. Life Management Seminars

These seminars uniquely blend the modern empowerment techniques with the traditional time tested Vedic wisdom.

Below are some of the seminars we offer in this category

  • Life Style Management
  • Priority Management
  • Art of Self-Management
  • Joy of Stress
  • Power of Habits
  • Art of Teaching
  • Art of Parenting

2. Personality Development Courses

These courses help you venture into the world of inner adventure. These courses bring inner peace and fulfillment by balancing work-life through regulated lifestyle. As a part of these courses, different skill and techniques are taught to help you tackle stress, bad habits and conflicts.

The courses offered in these category are

  • Discover Yourself
  • Positive Thinker
  • Self-Manager
  • Proactive Leader

3. Value Education

We offer value education in schools to inspire children to lead a principle-centered life. We do this by offering weekly sessions in the schools, conducting Bhagavad-Gita contests, Essay & Elocution contets and painting workshops.

4. Teacher Training Course

We offer training, opportunities and support for teachers to become effective in teaching, counseling and management within society.

Some of the contents of this is course are

  • What is Education?
  • Art of Teaching
  • Assessment for Public Speaking
  • Teach, Counsel and Manage Oneself
  • Teach, Counsel and Manage Others
  • Contact, Cultivation and Care

5. Vedic Encyclopedia

A set of transcendental classics with timeless wisdom. These form complete guide for humanity. These books consists of rich wisdom with over 50 topics covering science, management, values, human psychology etc. These books boost our general knowledge giving a bigger picture of life, science and key to joy. These books contain profound message and ancient wisdom relevant to modern times in simple English.

6.  School Visits

We facilitate various schools for educational and cultural visits to our New Vedic Cultural Center.