Culture provides favorable platform for the bhakti-lata-bij which is sown in the heart of a person, to become a wonderful creeper, go to kingdom of God and ultimately reach up to the Krishna’s lotus feet.

Consider the analogy of gardener cultivating the crop.

1.       Watering – is compared to quality hearing and chanting on regular basis

2.       Sun shine – is warmth of devotee association. Devotees who are senior, equal & junior. Creating culture of family bonding where kindness, courtesy, selfless sacrifices for each other are cultivated.

3.       Preparing Soil–is preparing heart to receive instructions, heart should be prepared before sowing.Gratitude towards what we are receiving makes the heart fertile. Typical expression of gratitude is that one is very attentive and submissive in spiritual life.

4.       Weeds to be removed –are equivalent to anarthas, bad habits which have to be addressed

5.       Fencing / protection –these are bad influences to be avoided that may break the faith.

 Our culture has many things to offer:

  1. Dance & Drama
  2. Festivals
  3. Musical Extravaganza
  4. Anubhuti – One day Vedic excursion
  5. Painting Workshop
  6. Krishna’s Kingdom
  7. Summer Camp
  8. Literary Quizzes & Contests
  9. Yoga, Health & Nutrition