lotus voiceAbout LOTUS VOICE:

The aim of LOTUS VOICE is to equip, engage oneself and others in learning and offering Krishna Conscious Education, Culture and Devotion.

Vision Statement:

To synergize and embellish wisdom and practices of individuals to enable them to lead principle-centered life and offer practical holistic services to the modern society.




LOTUS VOICE aims at accomplishing its vision statement by creating and offering different service opportunities to the community at large to exhibit their innate talents and share their skill set with others through systematic training & education. To accomplish this, it offers a Teachers Training program through which its attendees learn teaching, presentation and facilitation skills. At the end of the training, the attendees can volunteer for any of the below mentioned activities and showcase their natural talents in the service of society.




Life Management Seminars Dance & Drama Abhivyakti –Self Expression
Personality Development Courses Festivals, Musical Extravaganza World Holy Name Festival
Curriculum Design Anubhuti –Vedic Excursion Vedic Samskaras, Yagnas, & Pujas
Value Education Painting workshops Shloka Club
Leadership Excellence Summer camps
Teacher Training Literary club, Quizzes & Contests
Vedic Encyclopedia Yoga, Health & Nutrition

For more information on different activities please visit to the individual tabs of the above activities under LOTUS VOICE.

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