HKSD 2014 1

Participate & Be Happy!!!
Every year we ISKCON Pune organizing Dindi from Dehu to Pandharpur.
This is the successful 18th year of The Hare Krishna Sankirtan Dindi.
So we would like to Invite all the devotees of your temple to
participate and inspire all of us in this year for  Dehu to Pandarpur ,
“Hare Krishna Dindi ¨.

Special features of this Dindi are:-

  • Three times sumptuous prasadam (Anna Daan)
  • Filtered Drinking water (Jala Daan)
  • Nice Accommodation
  • Everyday Mangal Arati, Nrisimha Arati, Bhagawatam Class
  • Wonderful Dramas, skits
  •  Harinam Sankirtan with enthusiastic dancing (Naam Daan)
  • Book Distribution (Grantha Daan)
  • Everyday Pravachana (Gyan Daan)
  •  Participation of Dynamic young youth
  •  No meat eating, No intoxication, No gambling, No illicit sex
  • Bathing in Chandrabhaga River (Snana)
  • Entry fee 1500/- only  (for 18 days including three times prasadam and accommodation*)


Please try come for any part of the Dindi or spend your weekends with us.
If you are not able to come or send devotees for this you can also sponsor for Srila Prabhupada books or food for life, so we can serve as many warkaris as possible.
Dindi will start on  June 20, 2014 and will reach on July  07, 2014 to Pandharpur.
On  July 9  we will be observing fast for Devashayani Ashadhi Ekadashi.
On  10th  Mahadvadashi and Khichadi Distribution to lacks of Warkaris.
So please participate and take the benefits of these occasions and if you
want to render any service you can sponsor any part of this events. For that  you can donate.

For further detail  information you can contact us on following numbers.
or send your suggestions, ideas or feed backs on sadhusang@iskconpune.in, sadhusang@gmail.com

——– Dindi Management Team ——
Director Laxminarayan Das :  09657160054
Manager Parthsarathi Das : 08308819255


  1. I walked with palkhi as part of another Dindi. ISKON dindi was around us all the time. Its wonderful experience to walk with “Hare Krishna Dindi” . Everyone should participate to experience the atmosphere of faith throughout this walk. Specially ISKON is doing wonderful work by spreading awareness and at the same time helping “warkaris” all along. Its been 18yrs of this dindi and still going strong for many years to come.

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