Bharatnatyam Dance Performance on 25 Jun 2017 at ISKCON NVCC, Pune


ll Bhaktivedant Kala Kshetra ll

 For the pleasure of Shri Shri Radha Vrindavan Chandra and all devotees/visitors to the ISKCON Temple Pune, on 25 Jun 2017, Aundh Branch of Kalavardhini Charitable Trust of the renowned Bharatnatyam exponent Rohini Bhide-Chaphekar, gave a mesmerising devotional performance of Bharatnatyam Dance from 6 to 7 pm.  

The Bharatnatyam Dance performance of Mrs Anjali Bagal and her team of 10 students included the following items:-

  • Tishra Alarippu. ‘Alarippu’ … means blooming of a flower. This pure dance composition was choreographed depicting Lord Krishna and Gopis dancing with each-other.
  • Shabdam. This was picturesque presentation of different Leelas (Pastimes) of Lord Krishna which included Little Krishna stealing butter, Krishna teasing Gopis etc.
  • Maadu Meikum Kanney. This is a Padam in which dialogues between Mother Yashoda and Little Krishna were expressed with Nritya (Dance) and Abhinay (Acting).
  • Tillana. In this pure dance composition various patterns were created to form beautiful designs. This Tillana was in Raga ‘Hindolam’ and Taal ‘Aadi’. The dance performance was concluded with a Prayer in praise of Lord Vishnu.

At the end of this wonderful Bharatnatyam performance, Mrs Anjali Bagal, the Director of Aundh Branch of Kalavardhini Charitable Trust, thanked ISKCON Pune for giving them the opportunity to perform at Shri Shri Radha Vrindavan Chandra Mandir and remarked: “It has been amazing experience performing Bharatnatyam in the Radha-Krishna Temple for the pleasure of Their Lordships!”_DSC6968 _DSC6978 _DSC6979 _DSC6994 _DSC6997 _DSC7001 _DSC7006 _DSC7007 _DSC7008 _DSC7010 _DSC7014 _DSC7017 _DSC7019 _DSC7020 _DSC7022 _DSC7027 _DSC7031 _DSC7035 _DSC7040 _DSC7041 _DSC7045 _DSC7046 _DSC7047 _DSC7049 _DSC7052 _DSC7055 _DSC7056 _DSC7059 _DSC7060 _DSC7062


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