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The GBC College for Leadership Development is ISKCON’s official leadership school where potential candidates will be trained for positions of top leadership in ISKCON. It is a GBC initiative offering interactive classroom and online classes from experienced ISKCON instructors. Dedicated to His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

          First residential of year 2018 is in ISKCON Pune, NVCC from 24th Feb to 8th Mar. Twenty leaders from different parts of world are attending GBC College this year. Course instructors include HH Gopal Krishna Gosvami Maharaj, HG Kaunteya Pr, HG Rasakridaparayana Pr, HG Radheyshyam Pr, HG Tapan Mishra Pr, HG Bala Govinda Pr, and HG Gopinath Prasad Pr.

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Celebrated Gaura Purnima Festival 2nd Mar


on 2nd March 2018 ISKCON NVCC Pune celebrated Gaura Purnima festival, the appearance day of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in a grand way. Altar was was decorated with green and black grapes arranged in a beautiful way. Morning SB class was given by H.G.Mohanrupa Pr. Evening celebration started from 6.45  p.m onwards with Abhishek of Sri Sri Gaur Nitai followed by festival class by H.G.Ramnitai Pr , Maha Arati and Mahaprasad to all. The event was attended by about 3000+ devotees and visitors. Also 12 hour kirtan was conducted in the temple hall on this occasion.

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Kirtan Festival By HG Madhava Prabhu on 11th Feb 2018


Yesterday 11th Feb, 2018 the devotees of Sri Sri Radha Vrindavanchandra Mandir, ISKCON PUNE NVCC were privileged by the presence of HG Madhava Pr,

a world renowned kirtan leader, especially known for his deep and absorbing kirtans.

Owing to a Sunday, the temple hall was bustling with activity and a huge throng of people leading even to the balcony, eager in anticipation of the

event.The team of devotees were busy since last two days making different arrangements including travel, prasadam,

volunteering, event management, etc. for Madhava pr and team. Their hard work bearing fruit, the Kirtan event was smooth and hassle free.

The kirtan began at 4.45 pm and went on till 7.15 pm, beginning with the introduction of Madhava pr. He began by giving a short talk

on the holy name from a quotation by Srila Prabhupada. He was assisted on mrdanga by HG Vrindavan Kirtan Pr along with other

instruments like the flute, violin and guitar. The Kirtan lifted the spirits of one and all – the brahmacharis, the congregation

devotees, the children (who are a special favorite of Madhava pr) and all other temple visitors who attended the Kirtan.

Madhava Pr was extremely happy with the overall reception this time also as he was in the previous year.DSC_9287 DSC_9309 DSC_9316 DSC_9329 DSC_9337 DSC_9347 DSC_9366 DSC_9379 DSC_9392 DSC_9407 DSC_9409 DSC_9420 DSC_9423 DSC_9447 DSC_9449 DSC_9451 DSC_9471 DSC_9493 DSC_9499 DSC_9500 DSC_9533 DSC_9537 DSC_9539 DSC_9543 DSC_9550 DSC_9551 DSC_9590 DSC_9596 DSC_9597

HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj at ISKCON NVCC Pune 25th to 31st Dec


25th Dec :  World Holy Name festival Gifts distribution by HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj after SB class around 10AM To DEVOTEES Chanted more than 400 rounds of HKMM during japathon 2017 Devotees regularly participating in kirtans Devotees who chanted 108 rounds on Srila Haridas Thakur disapp day PDC brahmacaris.

25th Dec – 31st dec:

Morn SB classes at NVCC : 8:40am – 10AM by HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj

  • Breakfast from 8AM – 8:30AM in prasadam hal
  • Evening Bhagvat Katha at Ganesh Kala Krida Manch – 6PM to 9PM followed by prasadam feast – by HH Lokanath Swami Maharaj.DSC_0014 DSC_0018 DSC_0035 DSC_0136 DSC_0149 DSC_0157 DSC_0166 DSC_0171 DSC07418 DSC07421 DSC07423 DSC07426 DSC07429 DSC07441 DSC07442 DSC07458 DSC07460 DSC07463 DSC07471 DSC07498 DSC07507 DSC07508 DSC07543 DSC07546 DSC07578 DSC07688