There are 8.4 million speices in universe


जलजा नव लक्षाणी
स्थावरा लक्ष-ववसंती
कृमयो रुद्र सांख्यकाह
पक्षीनाम दश लक्षाणी
विवमसाल लक्षाणी पशुवः
चतुर लक्षाणी मानुष:

Acquatic –  9 lakhs,
Plant and trees – 20 lakhs,
Insect – 11 lakhs,
bird – 10 lakhs,
beast – 30 lakhs,
human – 4 lakhs

These are located in all over the universe in fourteen planetary system, whose name are
– Satyalok, Maharlok, Tapalok, Janalok, Svarlok, Bhuvarlok, burloka, Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Talatala, Mahatala, Rasatala, Patala.

Birth takes place through
1. Embryo e.g human,
2. Egg e.g hen
3. Perspiration e.g bedbugs
4. Seeds e.g Plants and trees

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